The initial phase of cryptocurrency use case had a very basic roadblock in becoming a widely used asset type; Debit Cards. There was always a big ask to equip a rather equivalent accessible Crypto Card to serve the purpose of crypto mass adoption.

Kesef took this absence as an opportunity to introduce a Crypto Debit Card linked with its native ecosystem of a DeFi app and wallet to make crypto sendings instant. Kesef’s Crypto Card will offer the users to make transactions in both digital and physical settings and with an integrated mobile app, track their sendings analytically.

Crypto Card NFT Farm

This Crypto…

$KSF token holders will be able to earn NFTs in $KSF NFT farm granting them exclusive access to our upcoming Beta App and first access to our Credit Card when launched

Kesef is a multi-suite DeFi application to build the most efficient entry way into the world of crypto. And here we are adding one more feather into this very versatile cap, a partnership with NFTrade, a cross-chain based NFT platform.

Kesef x NFTrade

This collaboration will enable Kesef users to have access to NFTrade and its trustless peer-to-peer NFT swaps, highly limiting the counterparty risks to enhance the user experience.

Additionally, this…

Here we are with yet another exciting announcement. Kesef is extending its token sale in the Korean market as well. This means, KSF Token IEO will be listed on the ChainX, the number 3 biggest exchange in the Korean Market.

To participate in our Token Sale, click here.

Coin Name: Kesef Finance (KSF)


1. Participation Method: Ethereum (Eth)

2. Price Ratio: Calculated based on the average price of CoinMarketCap BNB Dollars during the sale period

3. Coin Sale Format Applicable For 1 BNB = 400 KSF Within Chainvest

4. Token sale format: You can apply for 1 BNB per KSF…

As we try to expand our horizon all over the globe we have got amazing news.

Kesef Finance is partnering up with ICO Pantera, which is the most influential crypto community in Korea.

Korea being one of the biggest cryptocurrency markets, ICO Pantera is the holy grail for crypto in Korea, having partnered with exchanges like Kucoin and OKEX, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Kesef is a smart DeFi suite, bringing the most elegant way for people to trade, farm and stake major cryptocurrencies, altcoins and stable coins. …

Kesef is on a roll and we have another great news for our community.

We are stoked to announce our collaboration with Ares Protocol.

Ares Protocol is a smart, cross-chain oracle based protocol powered by Polkadot. Ares Protocol is a provider of safe and reliable data for the DeFi platform and will do the same with Kesef, giving us a competitive edge.

Kesef Finance on the other is a multi-utility platform to simply crypto use among the masses. With its sleek-looking mobile app, access to a crypto debit card and uber-cool staking platform, Kesef is bringing DeFi to every device.

Hello Kesef family,

We would like to take this chance to convey a very special message to you all.

As you all know that we were supposed to go live at the start of this month, but due to some unprecedented conditions we were unable to do so .

First of all, we would like you to know that our development phase was completed successfully in time, but due to some compliance formalities, we had to postpone the launch. …

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry is maturing over time with new innovations and new products hitting the markets. Newcomers are learning from the mistakes of old players by fine-tuning their applications with better security and new features. What still lacks is the accessibility to common man, non-crypto users. For them, managing different pools, swapping tokens etc. feels like rocket science. And maybe that’s the reason we see adoption not picking up the pace as it should. If that wasn’t enough complexity, there are multiple blockchains supporting the DeFi protocol.

This gap was identified by the upcoming DeFi project called Kesef Finance

Kesef Finance

Step Into The Most Accessible Platform for DeFi Easiest way to trade, store, send & earn crypto with a wallet and a virtual debit card.

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