Kesef Finance Enters The Korean Market with ICO Pantera

As we try to expand our horizon all over the globe we have got amazing news.

Kesef Finance is partnering up with ICO Pantera, which is the most influential crypto community in Korea.

Korea being one of the biggest cryptocurrency markets, ICO Pantera is the holy grail for crypto in Korea, having partnered with exchanges like Kucoin and OKEX, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Kesef is a smart DeFi suite, bringing the most elegant way for people to trade, farm and stake major cryptocurrencies, altcoins and stable coins. Kesef puts forward an App-first concept wherein, everything can be managed through an app and the user can have a hassle-free experience of using the new digital currency market.

It surely is a great opportunity for Kesef to partner with ICO Pantera and further expand the reach of this community. This gives us the means to reach an experienced crypto market and an active community who wants to take advantage of the underlying technology of Blockchain and build their way into DeFi.

A Big Thank you to our New Korean Partners

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