Kesef is celebrating development phase with 13% extra rewards.

Hello Kesef family,

We would like to take this chance to convey a very special message to you all.

As you all know that we were supposed to go live at the start of this month, but due to some unprecedented conditions we were unable to do so .

First of all, we would like you to know that our development phase was completed successfully in time, but due to some compliance formalities, we had to postpone the launch. Also, all the while we were focusing on the development phase, now we also want to spend some time marketing the vision and utility of Kesef as a project.

And lastly, as we all know the ongoing pandemic has hit everyone due to which our working capacity took a major hit.

Now, to compensate for all of this we are coming with a very special sale on Kesef. For all the KSF Token buyers, they will get an extra 13% KSF Token reward for joining us at this early stage and putting the trust in us.

Thank you!

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