Kesef’s Crypto Card NFT Farm Live on NFTrade Now

The initial phase of cryptocurrency use case had a very basic roadblock in becoming a widely used asset type; Debit Cards. There was always a big ask to equip a rather equivalent accessible Crypto Card to serve the purpose of crypto mass adoption.

Kesef took this absence as an opportunity to introduce a Crypto Debit Card linked with its native ecosystem of a DeFi app and wallet to make crypto sendings instant. Kesef’s Crypto Card will offer the users to make transactions in both digital and physical settings and with an integrated mobile app, track their sendings analytically.

Crypto Card NFT Farm

KSF token is built on a multi-chain platform supporting Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain natively. To boost the liquidity and availability the NFT vouchers can be bought from both the platforms.

Kesef Finance NFT crypto card vouchers on Ethereum:

Kesef Finance NFT crypto card vouchers on BSC:

To start on this journey users will have to stake their $KSF token for 2–4 months. Upon earning the NFT voucher for crypto card, there are quite a few options to choose from:

  • Redeem the Crypto card right away
  • Sell the NFT
  • Swap the NFT on NFTrade’s decentralised NFT marketplace

With all the above options in-hand it becomes even viable to participate in this one-of-a-kind stake farm.

Staking Specifications

  • Lock period for $KSF Token is 90 days
  • Only 100 NFT vouchers will be available, 25 of which on Ethereum and 75 on Binance Smart Chain
  • On both NFT farms, 5 nKSF will be earned per day for each KSF token staked
  • NFT is priced at 3,125,000 nKST (With 7000 $KSF locked for 90 days this amount can be earned)

Once this NFT crypto debit card voucher gets rewarded completely, NFTrade will soon initiate another reward to continue a long partnership with Kesef Finance.

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